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Our Story

We were founded with the simple idea: Design and build a home that reflects our clients personality and unique lifestyle while also providing amazing customer service.

We are confident in the challenge to create your dream home and ensure that you feel confident every step of the way.

As boutique home builders with a passion for unique design, we strongly value the creative process. After witnessing countless residential developments that follow a generic design, we decided to start a company that would challenge the norm. We wanted to channel our passion for quality, creativity, and home design to provide clients with a home that truly reflects their values and stands out. From there, GREYSTONE was born. Today we partner with trades who share our vision, creating beautiful, custom homes that will be loved for generations.

Design: Our design/build services are the right fit for many of our clients. This integrated approach encourages each discipline at the table to offer valuable information focused on design, constructability and budget throughout all phases of the project. Ideas build upon one another, and designs progress with creative solutions and cost- and time-saving alternatives that ensure your vision. From concept to completion, our team works seamlessly to create a streamlined and rewarding client experience, a process that delivers real value, and a final product that exceeds  expectations.